A 6 x 45 minutes series extravaganza based on the bestseller by David Fisher.

The true story of Kim Dotcom is a wild ride through the digital frontier at the start of the internet. This gripping, high-energy mini-series is an exhilarating journey into the life of the internet’s most audacious outlaw.

Kim Dotcom, a charismatic German hacker turned entrepreneur, whose larger-than-life personality and rebellious spirit leads him to create Mega-Upload, the world’s most popular file-sharing platform. Everything appears great until the U.S. government labels Mega-Upload a criminal empire and Kim Dotcom finds himself at the center of a global showdown that shakes the very foundations of cyberspace.

As the FBI and CIA closes in, Dotcom’s extravagant lifestyle, legal battles and defiant stance against copyright enforcement turn him into a symbol of digital resistance. Kim Dotcom chronicles the meteoric rise, the audacious escapades and the courtroom drama that unfolded, painting an unbelievable portrait of a man who refuses to back down in the face of power.

The series combines action, courtroom drama and a deep dive into the dark side of the internet, exploring the themes of privacy, freedom and the consequences of challenging the government status quo. It’s a story of a modern-day outlaw, who became a very unlikely hero for internet freedom.

An epic tale of rebellion and resilience set in Germany, Monte Carlo, USA, Thailand, Hongkong and New Zealand.