THE SACRED NUMBER is a Spielbergian coming-of-age story about a girl who moves to a small town with NO CHILDREN. As a pattern of repeating numbers slowly start to reveal themselves to be embedded everywhere in her new home, our hero discovers a communication device that connects her to the children who once lived in the town in 1984. Are they in an another dimension? A time machine? An alien spacecraft?

THE SACRED NUMBER is a story about solving the mystery of how and why the children came to be where they are, the millennia-old culture at the centre of it, and figuring out how to bring these kids home.

THE SACRED NUMBER is an adventurous story about the transition from innocence to experience and propels the protagonist into the unknown. A story about the power of friendship, love, loss, the search for identity and self-acceptance.

THE SACRED NUMBER has emotional depth and infuses a sense of wonder and magic that captures the audience’s imagination and has the ability to evoke a childlike sense of awe and fascination.